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  • Should Bashing Your Boss on Facebook Be Legally Protected?


    Employees have been criticizing their bosses since the beginning of time. Until the birth of social media, these conversations generally played out in lunchrooms or restrooms, around the water cooler, over a few cocktails at the local pub after wo...

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  • Build a Great Working Relationship with Your Boss


    One of the worst things you can do when you start your new job is to make your supervisor look bad for hiring you. After all, your boss is key to your current on-the-job satisfaction and to your future success in the organization -- and perhaps ev...

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  • Why You Shouldn't Lie on Your Resume


    Desperate times often call for desperate measures -- and in a brutal employment market, some job seekers may be tempted to falsify their work or education history in order to make themselves more attractive to potential employers., a...

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  • Job Termination and Your Resume


    Your employer just let you go. You need to find another job, but how should you handle your termination on your resume? The days when you signed on with a company and stayed with it until retirement are gone. In today's climate, employers are much...

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