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4 Tips to Avoid Awkward Interview Follow-Ups

Gladys Stone & Fred Whelan | Monster Contributing Writers

The ‘Once in a Million Coincidence’

As this implies, it almost never happens, but we know of rare occasions in which the candidate has had some negative interaction with the interviewer prior to the interview. There could have been impolite comments exchanged on the elevator on the way to the interviewer’s office or when you were both waiting in line at Starbucks. What horror it is to see that person sitting behind the desk when you come in for the interview!

The best way to address this is to tackle it head-on. As you sit down and before the “official” interview starts, acknowledge the unfortunate incident that took place earlier and apologize if appropriate. Make clear that you don’t want it to negatively influence the interview.

In your thank-you note, acknowledge that there was some unpleasantness between the two of you prior to the interview. Indicate that you’d like to put that aside and move forward with the possibility of working for the company.

Interviewing for a job can lead to all kinds of unexpected situations. The key is not to get flustered. There is always a way to recover from an awkward interview so that you end up in a positive light and leave the door open for future interactions.

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