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15 Companies Hiring Despite the Recession


Costco Wholesale
Costco Warehouses: 400 locations in 40 U.S. States

Costco Wholesale is a multi-billion dollar global retailer with 526 warehouse club operations in eight countries. They employ 104,000 full and part-time workers in the U.S.

Industry: Supplies and Goods Warehouse

Corporate Offices: Issaquah, Washington.

Other Major Office Branches: Regional offices located in each warehouse in 40 States

How They’ve Handled the Recession: At the end of their fiscal year on August 30, 2008, they made $72.5 billion in revenue. By selling things in bulk at discounted prices, Costco is the go-to store for small to medium size business and individuals that have lots of mouths to feed and clean after. But the bargains come at a price: businesses and people become members to shop at Costco and must pay $50 – $100 a piece. And although stock prices dropped steadily through September and October, the company is on the rise again in November and December. With office supply chains like Office Depot and technology stores like Circuit City closing shop, Costco will remain (with Wal-Mart) a discount-retail leader.

Working at Costco: Costco’s career site asserts “Today, we have accountants, lawyers, buyers, and human resources personnel who began their careers as stockers or cashiers in our locations. We believe that Costco’s future officers are currently working in our warehouses, depots, and business centers, as well as in our Home and Regional Offices.” Costco was named by Washington CEO Magazine as one of the top three companies to work for in the state of Washington. According to an MSN Money report “(Employees) are paid well and enjoy generous health-care benefits.”

To find an HR job at Costco, look for warehouse in your area. Each one has a regional office and “Most of them are located near or inside a Costco warehouse for additional convenience” according to the Costco Employment website.

Find Job Openings on Their Website:

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