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The 25 Species of Coworkers

Alice Handley and Kayla Baxter | ManagerLink

The Sensitive Thespian

What they do:

Everything is a tragic opera with The Sensitive Thespian. From the wailing and heart-rending exclamations coming from their desk, you might think someone died or that they’ve accidentally deleted everything on their computer, but that’s usually not the case. The Sensitive Thespian just has a way of letting the little things get to them. Every. Single. Little. Thing.

How to deal:

The Sensitive Thespian means no harm. In fact, most of their dark inner struggle is within — they just don’t know how to keep their exclamations inside, too. Unfortunately for them (and you), their little outbursts do nothing to fix their problems, and you still have to listen to the wailing once a day or so. If you want to try helping The Sensitive Thespian out, try reacting as little as possible and saying, “These things happen.” The Sensitive Thespian needs someone to ground them and spur them to actually take action (you could offer to solve their problem or help them out, if you see the opportunity), or they’ll just turn into The Complainer.

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