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10 Tips for Staying Happy at Work

10 Tips for Staying Happy at Work

Beverly West, Monster Contributing Writer

9. Take a Breather:

“In yoga, we practice the breath of joy, in which we inhale a long breath and then exhale laughter,” says Sarah Schain, founding director of Yoga Tales studios for children and a consulting expert for The Balance Team. Stand with your feet together and your arms at your sides. Inhale deeply, then exhale laughter and bend forward. Try to do this movement 10 times.

10. Focus on the Positive:

“Identify the things that you like at work, even if they are as simple as your coworkers or the nice view from your office window,” says Raden. “You create your own mind-set. If you stress the positives, you will make your job more enjoyable. Worrying about the negatives may cause you to become overwhelmed.”

Originally published on Monster Career Advice

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