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15 Networking Mistakes You Can't Make

Zac Frank, Tania Khadder, and Alice Handley | ManagerLink

Need-Based Contact

Imagine you have a friend or relative that you only hear from when he needs money. Do you take their calls? Do you look forward to hearing from him? Very quickly, you have no desire to do anything to help him.

The same goes for networking. If you only get in touch with a contact when you need something—a job, a reference, etc.—their desire to help you will be quickly vanish. Remember, these people are under no obligation to lend you a hand, they want to get something out of the relationship too.

What to do? Make a point of sending an e-mail periodically to just say hello, ask how your contact is doing, or send her something interesting. Not only will this prevent you from being a networking mooch, it will strengthen your relationship so when you do need something, you’ll get it.