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Is Business School Right For You?

Nealeigh Mitchell l ManagerLink

To B-School or Not To B-School?
That is the question.

The decision to apply to business school is likely to be one of the most significant decisions you’ll make in your professional career. It’s imperative you’re passionate about the endeavor before taking the plunge.

So what could send you back to school? Have you always planned on getting your MBA? Or are you fed up with being overlooked for a promotion? Is your career stagnant? Or maybe you’ve lost interest in your current gig and are looking for a fresh (and lucrative) start?

The upside is pretty darn appealing. Your knowledge will soar, employers will vie for your attention, and you can expect a major boost in salary. But be warned – it’s not a walk in the park. Pursuing your MBA takes a ton of dedication… and money.

Plus the competition is fierce – acceptance rates at the top tier schools is 10-20 percent. And with the economy hitting the skids, more and more people are toying with the thought of heading back to class. Schools will choose among thousands of professionals just like you with solid work experience (or great GPAs) and outstanding GMAT scores. So how do you stand out? Do you have leadership potential, an ability to work in teams, creativity and an interest in making a mark?

If the answer is yes, read on!

Step 1: Is It Necessary?

Step 2: Do You Make The Grade?

Step 3: How Available Are You?

Step 4: Pick The Right School

Step 5: Determine Your Specialization

Step 6: Size Up Work Experience

Step 7: Take The GMAT

Step 8: So Is It Right?