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Is Business School Right For You?

Nealeigh Mitchell l ManagerLink

Step 5: Determine Your Specialization

Since b-schooler’s have varying education levels, most programs require fish to spend their first year in core classes designed to level the playing field.

But what if you’re bent set on a particular field or industry? Should you close your options? Definitely. Admission officers tend to smile at the level of dedication so if you’re comfortable with narrowing your focus, definitely consider this route.

Specialized programs generally require you to take a few required MBA courses before beginning your specialization component.

Some of the most popular?

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Nonprofit
  • Computer Engineering
  • Be sure to identify schools known for the specialization you wish to pursue and research their application process. For example, Harvard is known for its general management program, Northwestern’s Kellogg has a great marketing specialization, and UPenn’s Wharton school is tops in finance.

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