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10 Things I Learned from My Layoff

10 Things I Learned from My Layoff

Tania Khadder | ManagerLink

Choose your daytime television wisely
After countless hours of research, I have concluded that hosted talk shows (like Tyra, Oprah and The Doctors) are more enjoyable (and educational!) than your run of the mill Soap Opera. Whatever you do, avoid Maury Povich at all costs – unless, of course, you have some kind of academic interest in paternity testing.

Don’t take your joblessness out on your figure
When I lost my job, I craved comfort food. Mac’n’cheese, grilled cheese, or just plain blocks of cheese – if it was yellow and/or cheesy, I was game. Four months and ten pounds later, I had finally learned my lesson.

Even if you aren’t prone to eating your feelings, it’s hard to be healthy when you’re unemployed. You’re broke. Health food is expensive. And allegedly, KFC is bailing out Main Street. But there are ways to eat well on a budget. You don’t have to buy organic vegetables, you don’t even have to buy fresh vegetables, but buy vegetables for goodness sake. If a 93 year-old woman can eat well on a Depression-era budget, so can you.

The pity party helps no one
Losing your job sucks. But feeling sorry for yourself is not going to get you your next job. It won’t pay your bills. And it definitely won’t make your former employer regret their decision. So cheer up! If not for your own sake, then for the sake of your friends who are really sick of hearing about it. 

Time is relative
When you’ve got a job, going to the bank, post office or vet are activities you miraculously squeeze into a lunch hour.  You know that you only have a very short window of opportunity to get things done, so you take full advantage of it. But when you’re unemployed, you can build an entire day (or week) around any one of these activities. The fact of the matter is, when you have less to do, you stretch everything else out to fill the time. My retired father explained this phenomenon to me long before I lost my job, and like so many of his pearls of wisdom, it was absolutely spot on.   

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