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Five Tips to Finding Work at Forty

Five Tips to Finding Work at Forty

This weekend I conducted an intensive job search mentor program with a forty-something year-old woman from NJ. Like many women her age, she is returning to the workforce after raising young children. She’s been looking for work now (off and on) for about six months and has become frustrated with her inability to get the results she had hoped for. Many of us can certainly relate to her challenges. She is caring for her home, children and trying to search all at the same time.

My client decided that she needed to take time for herself. So she hitched a ride and five hours later, we were working side-by-side putting the pieces together to create the surge needed to put her search into full gear. Here are some revelations that came out of our meeting.

Resume 101

My client’s resume was in good shape. All except the first line where spell check (and everyone else who proofed her resume) failed to pick up a big mistake. My client’s intent was to say she was looking for work in a particular “field.” Her resume said she was looking for work in a particular “file.”

You may be thinking, no big deal. I’m thinking, Holy Smokes! You are looking for work in the medical field, where there is no room for error, and your resume is indicating that you aren’t paying attention to the details. I’m betting that there were a number of situations where she wound up in the “no” pile the moment her resume was reviewed.

It’s a New World Baby!

My client is up with the latest trends. Heck, she arrived with her MacBook in a purple “cow skin” bag, which I’m told is all the rage these days. She had no problems navigating around her Mac, but when we entered the world of social media it was like she was Rip Van Winkle waking up for the first time. Her world opened up. She could not believe all the contacts that were now in front of her (which were really there all along.)

You are short changing yourself if you are not availing yourself of all that is out there. Think of how much further along you would be, if someone sat down with you and walked you through how to best leverage your social media contacts to maximize your search and minimize your time in the unemployment lines.

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