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Food for Thought on Lunch Interviews

Food for Thought on Lunch Interviews

Caroline M.L. Potter | HotJobs

Dining out is usually associated with pleasure and relaxation — except when you’re being interviewed for a job while you’re eating.

There are many reasons why an employer will choose to conduct an interview over lunch. “A hiring manager may not want office staff to know the company is hiring for a particular position,” says career strategist and workplace consultant J.T. O’Donnell. “Also, both parties may be pressed for time and unable to sacrifice office hours.”

Outside of practical concerns, you may be invited on a lunch interview because “you’re a leading candidate and an employer wants to impress you, or the position may involve heavy client interaction and business meetings, and you’re being evaluated for how you’ll perform in such a setting,” says O’Donnell, who blogs about career issues.

Whatever the reason, in a tight job market, it’s best to be prepared for anything, including breaking bread with a potential employer. Use these dos and don’ts to make sure you can land a job over lunch.

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