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Food for Thought on Lunch Interviews

Food for Thought on Lunch Interviews

Caroline M.L. Potter | HotJobs


Immediately Start Selling Yourself: “Let the hiring manager lead the conversation,” says O’Donnell, author of CAREEREALISM: The Smart Approach to a Satisfying Career. “She may not want to talk about the job until after lunch. Don’t dive into selling yourself.”

Appear Picky: “Aside from a death-inducing food allergy, order what’s on the menu, being sure to avoid onions and garlic,” she says. “Order water to drink and a food that can be eaten easily with a fork. Pass on sandwiches, pasta and messy dishes.”

Talk Too Much: In both lunch and regular interviews, interviewers love to use the pregnant pause. "It is phenomenal what people will say when nervous and faced with dead air, says Smith. “When you are done answering a question, stop talking.”

Order the Most Expensive Thing on the Menu or Multiple Courses: “Keep costs down and order a reasonably priced item,” says O’Donnell. “Skip dessert and only have coffee or tea if the hiring manager orders it first. Demonstrate that you are fiscally responsible and are not taking advantage of the situation.”

Be Rude to Wait Staff or Show Up Late: According to a survey of advertising and marketing executives by The Creative Group, half of the respondents said being impolite to a restaurant’s wait staff is the single biggest blunder a professional can make during a lunch meeting. Showing up late ranked second.

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