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Deal With Stress Can To Promote Well-Being

Deal With Stress Can To Promote Well-Being

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MBleary eyes, tense shoulders cocked almost up to one’s ears and a pocket or purse filled with antacids and headache medicine are a few unfortunate markers of the pressures some feel to be a model employee, devoted partner or super parent.

Stress affects people across demographics, occurs in a variety of situations and manifests in many ways, local experts said.

Although avoiding stress altogether might seem like a futile task, being prepared to manage it and deal with its consequences is an essential part of maintaining one’s overall well-being.

“I think stress causes or adds to a lot of the disease that we see in the office,” said Dr. Tim Miller, medical director of the Decatur Memorial Hospital Wellness Center. He said it can cause fatigue, tiredness, chest pain, shortness of breath, heartburn, indigestion and upset stomach; aggravate such chronic conditions as irritable bowel syndrome, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes; and contribute to anxiety disorders and depression.

Common causes of stress include financial, work or relationship issues, he said, but different people react in different ways.

“Even good things can be stressors,” Miller said. Starting a new job, buying a house or beginning a new relationship are possible sources. “We all have stress in our lives, different levels of stress, different types of stress.”

The key is to eliminate stressors that can be removed and find ways of counteracting those that can’t, Miller advised. That involves finding positive ways to deal with the sources of the stress.

“It’s different for everybody,” Miller said. He has been trying out the extreme exercise program CrossFit for the past six months and has long used running as a form of personal stress management.