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7 Stupidest Interview Questions and What They Really Mean

Jeff Hindenach | ManagerLink

6. How Would Your Co-Workers Describe You?

Why It’s Stupid: You’re obviously not privy to your co-workers inner thoughts and feelings. And even if you do know how they feel, of course you’re going to pad the truth to make yourself sound better. In most cases, the interviewer will never speak to most of your co-workers, so what‚s the harm in embellishing?

What It Really Means: The interviewer isn’t interested in your little white lies, they are trying to see how you think others view you. Even if you are stretching the truth, your answer will give the interviewer an idea of how you view yourself and what you believe are your most important attributes. Considering you are discussing how others view you, it can also be a modesty test, separating those who are embarrassed about themselves from those who won’t shut up.