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Writing Mistakes that Make You Look Dumb


Prevarication Junction

“I think that I would be an ideal candidate for this position.”

“I think that my product would do wonders for your company.”

“Studies show that people like this product more.”

Draw a line through each of those sentences. As a teacher told me in high school once, “Don’t tell me what you think. Tell me what you know.” Similarly, don’t talk about studies. If you think a study is reliable—and you probably do if you rely on its results—just say what those reliable results were. If someone asks, you can always point them to the study in question.

These phrases ultimately end up making your writing much longer than it needs to be. What’s worse, they make you appear afraid: not assertive enough to express your own opinion and unsure of what you are writing about.

If you really don’t know what you’re talking about…don’t talk about it.