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Quitting? 5 Questions to Ask Before You Leave

Jeff Hindenach | ManagerLink

Am I Burning any Bridges?

If you have a job lined up: Even if you have another job waiting in the wings, when or how you’re leaving could have some adverse effects. Be sure to give the required two weeks notice. If your employer asks for you to stay longer, tell them you’ll consider it, even if you are sure you can’t. And regardless of how much you hated the job, never cause a scene when you’re actually leaving. Be diplomatic and show them that you still care about the company’s success.

If you don’t have a job: Your employer will expect you to stay as long as they need you, as you have nowhere else to go. Prepare a legitimate excuse as to why you can’t stay longer, such as starting a part-time job or freelancing. Again, be respectful and give a diplomatic excuse for leaving, such as you’re looking to go in a different direction. No matter how horrible they are, your bosses remain be your references for later jobs.

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