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Quitting? 5 Questions to Ask Before You Leave

Jeff Hindenach | ManagerLink

Do You Have Enough Money to Live on?

If you have a job lined up: You’ll need to make sure you have enough money to live on during any time you’re taking off, plus the time before you get your first paycheck at your next job — which could be as long as a month in some companies. Map it out before you decide on a start date, as it’s poor form to change your start date after plans are finalized.

If you don’t have a job: If you’re quitting without another job waiting, you will need to figure out every little financial detail of your life. You don’t know for sure how long you’ll be unemployed, no matter how marketable you are. Cut out all the extras in your life, put your student loans on hold, and cut your debt payments down as soon as possible.

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