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Quitting? 5 Questions to Ask Before You Leave

Jeff Hindenach | ManagerLink

How Will This Look to Future Employers?

If you have a job lined up: Leaving your job doesn’t just affect the present. It can haunt your resume for the rest of your career. Are you leaving during a difficult time that will harm the company? Have you been there for less than a year? Are you leaving a high-profile position for something less important? These are all questions that could come up in job interviews later.

If you don’t have a job: This is a big question, considering you are leaving a good, full-time position to basically be unemployed. Think about your reasoning for leaving and how you can spin that in future interviews without bad-mouthing your current employer. If you can’t think of a good, solid reason, it might be better to tough it out until something better comes along.

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