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10 Ways You're Annoying Your Coworkers

Steve Berman | ManagerLink

Annoyance No. 4: Brown-Nosing

Perhaps even worse than the M.I.A. employee is the person who blatantly tries to outshine everyone else at every opportunity. Taking credit for someone else’s work, throwing a coworker under the proverbial bus during a meeting, and making disingenuous flattering compliments to the boss are all ways to make your coworkers resent you.

While you need your superior(s) to know you’re a valuable asset to the company, it’s best to be subtle and let the quality of your work speak for itself. Give credit to coworkers when it’s due, don’t tattle on others unless absolutely necessary, and keep those compliments on the boss’s tie to a minimum. Otherwise, you might be doing more harm than good.

Annoyance No. 5: Amateur D.J. Hour

Let’s get this party started! Everybody loves it when you turn up your speakers and regale everyone with your favorite club-banging tunes, right?

Actually, not so much. While there are a few occasions where it’s okay to let loose at work, usually people prefer to work in a relatively calm environment free of distractions (like coworkers making personal calls). If you turn up your music loud enough so others can hear it, it’s bound to annoy at least one person sitting near you — especially if your speakers have enough kick to set off car alarms throughout the neighboring area. This is why headphones were invented.

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