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10 Ways You're Annoying Your Coworkers

Steve Berman | ManagerLink

Annoyance No. 8: Meeting Addicts

Meetings are a necessity at work, as they foster communication between coworkers in different ways than emails or instant messaging can. The problem is that meetings take time, and most of us don’t have a lot of time to spare.

First a meeting’s called to talk about best practices. Another meeting to brainstorm how everyone should go forward after the first meeting follows that. Next thing you know, there are so many monthly, weekly, and even daily meetings that it’s impossible to get anything done. Instead of increasing efficiency, the people who call unnecessary or tedious meetings become known as the most annoying people in the office.

Annoyance No. 9: Gabby Gossips

You always see them surfing sites like TMZ and Perez Hilton, whenever they aren’t at the front desk whispering to the receptionist. If anyone’s having an affair or getting fired, they’re always the first to know; whether the info they’re passing on is actually correct is secondary.

Here’s the thing about office gossip: people notice the people who are always in the middle of it. If you find yourself in secretive conversations with somebody known for having loose lips, you’ll be seen as guilty by association. Ironically, while those who love to dish may find a ready audience for their juicy bits of info, after a while they’ll find themselves with fewer and fewer confidants who’ll risk their reputations around the office to talk to them about anything.

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