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Go From Temp to Permanent Hire

Go From Temp to Permanent Hire

Alison Green | Ask A Manager

Two questions, one answer. The first reader writes:

I have been temping for a while and a few months ago landed a temp-to-perm gig at a financial services firm. I love the job and my coworkers and couldn’t be happier. The pay is ok – tough for living in New York, but I scrape by.

The problem is, I’ve been living with a health problem and the whole not having insurance thing is a large issue. My parents are on the verge of filing for bankruptcy so there’s no chance of finding help there. I have no siblings, and am not close with other members of my family (who have any money to spare, that is). I need insurance – preferably through a job, and soon.

I am certain my company wants to hire me – my managers have assured me so, and if I even briefly mention “going to Oklahoma” the head guy on the floor thinks I mean that I’m moving there (it was just a comment about visiting) and freaks out. But I can’t wait forever, and it’s really important to me that I get this health issue dealt with. I would love to stay at this company, as it’s a wonderful fit for me, and I’ve already had the head admin on the floor push for me a couple times now. How would you suggest I broach the subject of being hired on, or at least of getting a target date? I’d prefer not to get strung along for a year or more only to find out they have no intention of hiring me, no matter how much they like me.

And the second reader writes:

I’ve been working for a company in a temporary position for 7 months. I was initially hired for an entry-level position, then after 2 1/2 months was promoted, with a pay raise, to a different position working for a department VP. I have much more responsibility, lots of projects, I’ve been given a lot of freedom to set my own schedule and even do a lot of work from home.

I really do love this job and I think I bring a lot of good qualities to the company. I’m cross-trained for a few different functions and have been providing quick results on the assigned projects.

My question is this: How can I ask if they ever intend to hire me directly? The terms of the staffing agency stated that the company couldn’t hire me directly without penalty for 180 days after the assignment began. I’m now past that. I keep trying to find different ways to make myself indispensable, but being a temp makes me jumpy. Is there anything I can do besides express my interest and enthusiasm?

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