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Go From Temp to Permanent Hire

Go From Temp to Permanent Hire

Alison Green | Ask A Manager

You guys both need to sit down and have candid conversations with your managers. Be direct. You want to say something like this: “I really love working here, and I’d really like to move into a regular staff position. But at the same time, if that’s not likely to happen any time soon, I’d rather know that. Can you give me a candid assessment of how likely that is to happen so that my expectations are realistic?”

If you get vague platitudes about how they’d like to do it at some point, just hang in there, etc., then get more direct: “What needs to happen for me to move into a regular position? What is the timeline for that, and what are the next steps we could take?”

And, if you’re willing to attach consequences to this, you can also add: “I want to reiterate that I love working here and staying here would be my first choice. But I need to look at other options if we don’t have a path or a timeline for that, so I’m hoping to get a clear answer from you — if not today, then very soon.” But obviously, by throwing that out there, you risk them telling you to go ahead and look at other options … but that’s also an answer that will be useful to hear. (Letter-writer #1, this part applies more to you; letter-writer #2 seems more willing to stay a temp for now, whereas you have a pressing need to either go perm or move on.)

Also, letter-writer #1, it might be worth explicitly tell them that the issue is about insurance. It’s possible that they’re unwilling to make your position permanent right now, but that they’d be willing to give you health insurance if that would keep you. It’s worth raising.

Good luck!

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