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8 Do's and Don'ts to Landing a Temporary Job

8 Do's and Don'ts to Landing a Temporary Job

Megan Malugani | Monster Contributing Writer

6. Don’t Lie

It’s great to show commitment to your potential survival job, but don’t go overboard. “It will hurt you if you lie and say this is the job of your dreams,” Taylor says. “It’ll come back to haunt you if you’re just looking for a temporary survival job but you lead your potential employer to believe otherwise.”

7. Do Prepare for the Interview

When conducting your job interview preparation, keep in mind the employer’s perspective, Couper says. Your interviewer will be trying to ascertain three things: Can you do the job? Will you fit in with the team? Will you cause any problems? Answering common interview questions of this nature in a satisfactory manner is your “golden ticket,” Couper says. Taylor says you can show your maturity (without bragging) and counteract the notion you’re overqualified with winning scripts such as these: “I’ve always gotten kudos for my people skills” and “I’m good at keeping the peace.”

8. Don’t Share Your Sob Story

Don’t go on a tirade against your former employer, complain about your debt or reveal too much about your personal woes. “If the desperation shows in your face, you won’t come across as genuine” in your desire for the job, Taylor says.

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