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How to Make Friends in and out of the Office

How to Make Friends in and out of the Office

Jeff Hindenach | ManagerLink

Find Common Interest

At the Office: If your office has groups or clubs for employees, it could be the perfect way to meet coworkers with similar interests. Join the company gym. Volunteer for the company’s philanthropy efforts. Or even start your own group at the office. Finding coworkers with similar interests guarantees that you have something to bond over that’s not just work.

Out of the Office: No matter what city you are in, there are people who share your interests. Find the local groups of your interest. Love to bowl? Join a bowling league. Enjoy a good book? Find a book club. Are you an avid runner? Get into a running group. Finding smaller pools of people also allows you to interact with people in a closer, more personal way.

Try Unconventional Methods

At the Office: If you have tried the subtle approach and nothing is happening, try taking charge of the situation. Invite some of your coworkers out for a happy hour. Organize an after-work movie night. Find a good excuse to get some of your coworkers to hang out in a social setting.

Out of the Office: If social settings aren’t working for you, take your search online. Some local sites can offer ways for locals with similar interests to connect. Dating sites can also be an excellent way to make friends. And you could even find a significant other during the process.

Making friends can be a trying experience, but all you need is one new friend to help you branch out and find more. Remember, in general, people are friendly, you just need to make the effort to get to know them.

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