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Ask a Manager: 7 Qs and 7 Answers

Ask a Manager: 7 Qs and 7 Answers

Alison Green | Ask A Manager

Mentioning You’re a Shareholder of the Company You’re Applying to

I’m applying to positions at a couple of tech companies that I am either currently or previously a shareholder of. Is this a positive thing to mention in a cover letter? I view it as being interested and invested in the company, but I’ve certainly been off the mark before. I would love your opinion.

Hmmm, I don’t know. I suppose if you owned a significant number of shares, or if you had a compelling explanation for why you bought those shares, it would be taken as being particularly invested (non-literally) in the company, but otherwise I’m not sure it really conveys anything.

Is My Boss Thinking of Promoting Me?

I just started a new job in a great agency in my field but its a position in which I am overqualified for in terms of experience and education. I think my supervisor knows that I am overqualified although we have not yet discussed it. Right away my supervisor has been giving me special projects to develop such as groups for clients and creating a policy book for the program based on what I am learning about the program. These projects are not being assigned to my co-workers. So, my question: is my supervisor looking at me for a possible promotion in the future? I would just like some clarification as to what is going on. Any insight would be appreciated.

Maybe. Or maybe she just figures she has someone working for her who can do more than the job normally requires, so why not utilize that? Or maybe she hasn’t even really thought it out yet; she’s just assigning work to the person who seems likely to do the best job with it.

You just started so it’s a little early to ask about possible promotions, but at your one-year evaluation, I’d say something like, “I’m really loving the work, especially (name the special projects here), and would love to talk about more responsibilities in that area, including the possibility of more formal growth within the organization at some point.”