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Need Scholarship Money? Find it on FastWeb!

Need Scholarship Money?  Find it on FastWeb!


We’re sure you’ve heard of FastWeb by now. You might have even browsed the site during your spare time. So what are you waiting for??

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4 Tips to Scholarship Success
To mount an effective scholarship campaign, the first thing you need is a winning game plan. Start by implementing the following four key action strategies.

1. Plan to apply for as many scholarships as possible

Some students make the mistake of thinking that they maximize their chances of winning by pouring all of their energy into one or two scholarships. Read more

Mystery Donor Gives $76 Million to Colleges for Scholarships
College students have it tough these days — scholarship money is scarce and even loans are harder to come by. Endowments are shrinking and the need for financial aid is exploding. Well, someone took notice — someone with $76 million dollars to spare.

In a mystery worthy of the finest TV detectives, an anonymous donor has given $76 million to 15 schools with two stipulations: the money be used for scholarships and the school never asks who donated the cash.

Talk about paying it forward! Read more

Coca-Cola Awards $3.4 Million in Scholarships
Patti Ross, Vice President of the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, has been giving away money to students for 10 years. She often says that “scholarship providers aren’t mind readers,” but she’s letting you become one. Ross is dishing out scholarship provider secrets so that you can be a better candidate.

Every game needs a strategy, and every building needs a blueprint. In the admissions and scholarship process, you need both. Ross encourages students to build their own blueprint for scholarship success. Read more

The List is Out: America’s Top Party Schools
Every year the Princeton Review releases a list of the nation’s top party schools. And… drum roll please…. the list is out!

Here are the nation’s top 20 Party Schools, according to Princeton Review’s 2009 survey of 122,000 students —the best places to party in between those long hours at the library.

Did your school make the list? Read more

10 Ways to Make Scholarship Sponsors Love You
Before you submit your scholarship application, check out these tips, provided by scholarship sponsors nationwide.

Tip #1: Apply only if you are eligible. Read all the scholarship requirements and directions carefully to make sure you’re eligible before you send in your application. Read more

Five Scholarship Myths
I’m about to dispel five widespread myths about winning college scholarships. Myths that have, unfortunately, prevented many deserving students from winning money for college. By learning the truth behind these myths, you’ll gain a better understanding of the essential “rules” of the college scholarships game.

MYTH #1: “Only students with high academic achievement win merit scholarships.” Read more

How Scholarships are Judged
Wouldn’t it be great to know what scholarship providers look for in an application? Take an inside look at how judges pick their favorites.

The judges’ first evaluation of your application is a quick one—usually only 15 to 30 seconds. Most applications don’t get past this quick but important first stage. Give your application one last review to be sure yours makes it through. Read more

Ace Your Scholarship Interview
A good interview is vital to your scholarship application. It’s an opportunity to supplement your credentials with the kind of impression that can’t be put on paper.