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Is Business School Right For You?

Nealeigh Mitchell l ManagerLink

Step 6: Size Up Work Experience


For most applicants, professional experience will be the crux of their application. Essays, recommendations and interviews highlight your workforce achievements. Unfortunately, if you’re not particularly pleased with your past, this could be a major stresser.

Quantity – If you’re worried about the amount (or lack of) experience you have under your belt, know that many business schools are actually pursuing younger applicants. As long as you’ve demonstrated success in your position with a fair amount of progression, you should be in good shape. If you’re recent college graduate, shine light on your extracurricular activities.

Quality – Most people considering an MBA degree are unfulfilled in their current roles. If you’ve hit a plateau in your career, could an MBA help you plow through that? Possibly. And recruiters know this is often an applicant’s major motivator. Remember that a lack of upward mobility is not about lack of aptitude or ambition. If you have holes in your record, make sure you have legitimate reasons and are prepared to explain them. Admission officers will be impressed with your drive to get back on the horse and focus your career.

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