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Bachelor of Arts in Marketing

Bachelor of Arts in Marketing

Have a creative knack? Like to think of exciting, cutting-edge ways to catch people’s attention? Have you ever been curious about why people make the purchasing decisions they do? Then marketing is right up your alley!

With today’s competitive job arena, it is important to be an expert in and specialty field you enter. By earning your marketing degree, you will be more desired and much more competent at your marketing position. This type of education background also sets you up for future success, by teaching you valuable economic and business skills. According to Ferris State University, “One out of every five presidents or chief executive officers in the nation’s top 500 businesses was, as an undergraduate, a marketing major.”

What are starting salaries like for people with a BA in Marketing?

Starting Median Salary: $40,8000
Mid-career Median Salary: $79,600
Source: Payscale

Classes usually include Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Strategy, Global Marketing Management, International Business, and Entrepreneurship. Earning your Bachelor of Arts in Marketing may take 2-4 years, depending on the speed of your trac. These classes can be taken online and/or on a college campus.

Typical marketing jobs include titles like Marketing Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Director, Project Manager, Marketing, Marketing Specialist, and Account Manager. Down the line in your career, you could pursue even higher-level positions like Vice-President or even CEO of a company! With the right education, doors of possibility will open for you.