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Happy Employees Make Thriving Companies


March 16, 2010

Work out at work Work environments are notorious for promoting sedentary lifestyles and diets full of break room junk food. Even worse, a busy work schedule can crowd out time to go to the gym after work. To help employees we opened a wellness area in our office so people can grab a stability ball, use a peddle machine or other exercise equipment at their desks. The wellness area also offers blood pressure monitors, healthy recipe books, health magazines and more. We also have an exercise room, equipped with cardio and weight machines. For employees who prefer not to workout at work, we reimburse a portion of their community gym fees. As for the vending machine, we’ve stocked it with healthier options and tagged the unhealthy snacks with higher prices, making it a little easier to eat healthy.

Helping employees workout at work has also been a benefit to our company. Our medical costs have dropped, and I’m certain the mental health of our employees has improved because they’ve been able to burn off some of the stress that can build up at work.

Make work like family I started Beryl as a family business and I want everyone to feel part of our family. I personally recognize every coworker’s employment anniversary, as well as their engagements, marriages, wedding anniversaries and the arrivals of new family members.

One aspect of life that none of us can escape is that we all go through tough times, which is why we have a program called Beryl Cares. This program is dedicated to providing emergency financial help, including purchasing school clothes for coworkers’ children, helping with unexpected bills and providing emotional support to colleagues who are going through a rough period in life.

It’s easy to say you support your workers when their lives are going well, but workers truly appreciate employers that stand by them when life is messy. I’ve heard of some employers cutting employees loose when they hit a rough patch. For me, that’s not leadership for the long run.