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Happy Employees Make Thriving Companies


March 16, 2010

Make work personal Many people confess to being one person at work and another at home. To help employees bridge their work and home personalities, we offer opportunities for employees to have a little fun and express themselves at work. When we ask employees to “dress up,” we aren’t referring to suits and ties. Instead, we sponsor theme days that encourage employees to dress like their favorite movie characters or 80s music stars. I’ve even been known to don a matador outfit for our own version of “Dancing with the Stars.”

We also know none of our employees live in dark caves, so we make sure our building décor is bright and modern; and we let employees decorate their spaces to reflect various holidays. In addition, our lounge area is outfitted with a large screen television, pool table and a foosball table so workers to unleash their inner champions. Naturally, we encourage employees to take their winning attitudes back to their desks after their breaks and to always remember they’re working with their teammates.

Prioritize it Great workplaces don’t develop by accident. To make sure we keep things on course, we have an executive whose official title is “Queen of Fun and Laughter.” Her sole responsibility is to make sure that we stay true to our unique culture and that coworkers’ lives stay in balance. The title doesn’t sound serious, but her role is.

If you take the time to create an environment that effectively supports employees in blending work and life, you’ll create employees that generate energy, excellence and enthusiasm. That’s the real formula for work-life balance.

Paul Spiegelman is a speaker and author on customer service, culture and workforce engagement. As CEO of The Beryl Companies, he oversees the nation’s leading company in healthcare customer interactions and relationship management. Paul has been named CEO of the Small Giants Community, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting companies that choose to be great instead of big. This role is a natural extension of his first book, Why is Everyone Smiling? The Secret Behind Passion, Productivity and Profit, published in 2007. Readers are invited to join Paul at the “Influencing the Patient Experience” conference hosted by The Beryl Institute in April. For more details visit