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MI5 Cutting Employees Who Lack Social Networking, Web 2.0 Skills

MI5 Cutting Employees Who Lack Social Networking, Web 2.0 Skills

Michael Barkoviak

April 13, 2010

The British Intelligence and Security Committee confirmed its MI5 agency is now replacing older staff members who are not tech savvy enough to stay in the British security agency.

"I think some of the staff perhaps aren’t quite the ones that we will want for the future," said Jonathan Evans, MI5 Director General, in a statement in front of the committee.  

Both voluntary and compulsory redundancies will take place in the future, with a few dozen MI5 employees expected to be cut.

There is a concern that aging employees will be unable to keep up with terrorists who are using the internet to coordinate their activities.  Furthermore, cyber terrorism is becoming a more serious threat to western nations, with Britain hoping to be as best prepared for possible cyber attacks.

London will be the official host of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games and security experts are concerned such high-profile events will make the country a potential terror target — if not a traditional terrorist attack, then a cyber terror attack is possible experts warn.

Even though similar things have been done to reduce the number of computer-illiterate people in companies and governments, some security analysts are surprised MI5 is being singled out.  Experts also note that many in the agency have computer skills, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to properly train them in the evolving Web 2.0 world.

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