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Should You Quit Your Job (Even Now)?

Should You Quit Your Job (Even Now)?

Should you stay or should you go?

Tania Khadder | ManagerLink

April 20, 2010

Your job is making you miserable. You dread getting up in the morning, you have nightmares about your boss and the thought of looking at that spreadsheet one more time literally makes you sick to your stomach.

But no matter who you turn to, you get the same tired advice: now is not the time to quit.

Six hundred thousand people lost their jobs in February. Another 700,000 in March. Layoffs are impacting every industry, professional rank, and geographic region; so it would seem that these days, you’re lucky if you have a job at all – let alone one you like.

It’s no surprise that Americans are indeed clinging on for dear life. While it’s difficult to measure exactly how many of the unemployed left their jobs by choice, there’s certainly a growing wariness of quitting in the months since the economic downturn.

Of course, some still take the plunge, in spite of – or even because of – the recession.

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