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Managing Today’s Changes – Part 2

Managing Today’s Changes – Part 2

Gary Recchion l ManagerLink

Need an Attitude Adjustment?

This can probably stand alone, but do read Part 1 (same title) for a little more background and the set up for Part 2. So how is it that for some of us, our cup is half full, and for others it’s half empty? Why are some of us laser focused on the opportunities or the silver lining of change, while others more often than not, can’t see past the dangers and losses associated with a career change, job loss, end of a relationship, marriage (yes, even the “good” changes have associated losses, i.e. family relationships, finances, lifestyle shifts).

The real challenge for all of us, regardless of the kind of change, is: “How can I look at adversity, challenges, fear and loss associated with changes in my work and life, and find the opportunity, the silver lining?” “How can I learn to accept changes, especially the ones that really test my perseverance, inner strength, faith and confidence?” “How can I shift my perspective, and move from resisting change to embracing it?”

Recognizing that we’re all wired differently, optimists, pessimists and everything in between, and are a product of our unique upbringing, experiences, successes and failures; what I love about this change stuff, is that we can learn to be more aware of how we’re wired, how we most often respond to changes around us, and we can move from viewing a change as a loss, to that of an opportunity. Now I’m not suggesting in any way that this is a cake walk. But we’ve all done it before, though we tend to lose sight of difficult challenges and changes in our life that we’ve successfully overcome.